Entry Regulations

Instructions for Safari

  1. Expect visitors to abide by Wildlife Sanctuary rules.
  2. Entry into the Sanctuary with permission is allowed during the specified hours only.
  3. Obtain entrance permission from the authority at Muthanga and Tholpetty before the safari.
  4. Duration of the visit inside the sanctuary is a maximum of 1.15 hours.
  5. Private vehicles are not allowed for safari.
  6. Maximum number of visitors per vehicle is as per its permitted seating capacity.
  7. Visiting the sanctuary must be only with a tourist guide.
  8. Don't enter the sanctuary with weapons, explosives and crackers.
  9. Do not carry any inflammable item with you during safari.
  10. Carrying plastic carry bags, plastic articles like cups, plates, and pet bottles are banned in the Sanctuary.
  11. Entry on foot, campfires, music, cooking, and littering within the Sanctuary is prohibited. Avoid any form of pollution within the Wildlife Sanctuary.
  12. Do not offer any eatable item to the birds or animals.
  13. Do not get down from the vehicle. This is dangerous in the elephant habitat.
  14. Don't carry any forest property with yourself as it will be considered as a criminal offense.
  15. Consumption of alcoholic drinks and Smoking inside the sanctuary is strictly forbidden.
  16. Keep your all senses open during the safari and avoid loud conversations.
  17. Wildlife Sanctuary is not zoo: so don't expect to see wildlife everywhere. Wildlife Sanctuary is spectacular even in its scenery.
  18. Wildlife sight-seeing is a matter of chance. In a reserve, don't expect to see all the animals. Please don't get disappointed by not seeing the tiger, leopard or other bug jungle rarity.
  19. Shouting, teasing, chasing, feeding, and baiting of animals is prohibited.
  20. The precious thing a visitor can take from the Sanctuary is the glorious experience of the safari and new lessons of nature.

Instructions for Room Booking

  1. Obtain entrance permission from the authority at Sulthan Bathery before occupying the Rest Houses.
  2. Those who wish to book the rooms; it is a must to produce a photocopy of ID proof.
  3. Check in time: 12.00 Noon & Check out time: 11.00 am
  4. Consumption of alcoholic drinks and smoking within the Sanctuary is prohibited.
  5. Cooking in and outside the rooms is prohibited
  6. Don't carry or damage any government property with yourself.